Stoopid LJ

LJ decided that it hates me and I can't see anything further back than 10 posts on my friends page, no matter what I do. WTF, LJ?

I changed the style, changed the layout, changed the amount of posts it's supposed to show, and even added /?skip=10 to the end of the url. When I do that, it shows me a blank page with the option to click on "previous 20". Poop.

An actual update, of sorts.

Ok, so I broke my nose last night.

It's just a fracture, and it doesn't look at all bad.

But I want it to look bad! Because it hurts like HELL and I feel like if it at least looked as bad as it feels, people would not laugh at me. Not that people are laughing at me, because there's absolutely nothing funny about walking into a glass door, right? Wait...

But yeah, this is one of those times when I do wish that the injury looked worse because then I'd feel less silly. They gave me painkillers, but I can't take those and work, and tylenol doesn't seem to do a lick of good.

The thing that really really sucks is wearing my glasses - holy jebus does that hurt! I can get away without them for everything but driving, so that's what I'll be doing. Walking around blind and cranky and trying to remember to never ever scratch it.

It seems like I'm obsessing about this but that's only because I can't stop thinking about it because it never stops hurting!!!! Argh. I feel stupid for hurting myself but even stupider because I'm sure people are going to think I'm being a big baby.
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Good Day, Bad Day

I'm a coppycatter. I coppycatted mahdi and I don't care.

Good Day: Payday

Bad Day: Black Widow in the HOUSE

Good Day: Another call about a job

Bad Day: Kitty needs to go to vet

Good Day: GAME NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Great Things About Sewing Doll Clothes

1. It doesn't take a lot of material
2. The doll will never complain if the clothes are ugly
3. You don't have to worry about them being uncomfortable
4. The doll won't grow up and look at pictures of itself and hate you
5. The doll doesn't need proper cover-up
6. The doll won't grow out of the clothes in 15 minutes
7. The doll is unlikely to soil its clothes
8. You don't have to worry if its outfits are warm/cool enough for the weather
9. So what if the pants are too short or the skirt is too long
10. Adding lace over a mistake DOES make it look better!

There are a few drawbacks, mostly that it's harder to find patterns and the small corners are FREAKING SMALL. That being said, I'm making a bunch of doll clothes for Tegan's doll for Christmas, and the first attempt came out pretty damn awesome. The above list is what was going on in my head while I worked.

In Which Tegan Quite Seriously Says the Word "Fuck" But Isn't In Trouble For It At All...

Tegan: In my class, we have "fuhquackmoo!"

Me: You have what?

Tegan: fuhquackmoo!

Me: Fun Quack Moo?

Tegan: No, fuhquackmoo!

Me: Fa Quack Moo?

Tegan: No, FUCK.

And that's when I choked on my sandwich.

It turns out it's called, "Thump, Quack, Moo" but it was about the funniest damn thing I've ever seen. She was so clear and serious. And adamant! She is still adamant that is what it's called and spent the better part of this evening wandering around at Michael's back to school night muttering it under her breath.

Out of the mouths of babes.
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I've said it all over my Facebook by now, but I really feel the need to talk a little more in depth about my feelings on the Prop 8 ruling that finally came about yesterday.

I could not be more impressed with Judge Walker's words. Anyone who hasn't been following along is missing out on a serious chunk of history in the making. Freedom and equality are truly on the horizon now, in a much more tangible sense than ever.

I know that some of you have doubted the seriousness and gravity of this cause, and I recognize that there are other important causes out there which deserve attention. But if you think that no one is being hurt by the bigotry and fear that is still felt by a frightening majority of people in our society, you need to open your eyes. An injustice, however small, is still an injustice. A directed, intended, and deliberately planned injustice, no matter its net impact on people, is harmful and sets an alarming precedent.

The pro-8 side is yelling from the hilltops about the 'will of the people' being overruled by a single judge, as we knew they would. The important thing they are forgetting is that the judge is not a tyrant or a bleeding heart, he is doing his job, and he's doing it well. He used his incredible knowledge of law to determine that Prop 8 is actually unlawful.

I wish that were it - I wish his beautifully written and well thought out words could be the end of this argument. I wish that those who still refuse to listen, those who will read his statements with hate and fear in their hearts would accept that perhaps they should embrace the future and focus on their own lives, but I know better.

So all we can do now is hope that the 9th circuit, and then the US Supreme Court, will conduct themselves with as much thought and consideration as Walker when the case is brought before them. When that is done, perhaps I will turn my attention to starving children or poverty - or maybe something else that's equally controversial. Truthfully, I tend to chose the fight I feel I am best equipped to assist with. I hope that my part in this, however small, has at least provided some clarity and comfort to some.


I've been thinking about a way to quantify the experience I got when I wasn't going to college, so that I can put it on my resume to give it that something 'extra'.

Here's what I have now, I'd like thoughts on it...


Dot Com University 1996-2001
Began career in the fast growing, swiftly expanding dot com industry. Was exposed to a vast amount of business knowledge and varied corporate cultures, assisted in expansion and trend-setting of start-up companies and participated in shaping the computer industry as it is today.

It's my first crack at a concept that I'm not even sure I'll go through with, but if I were going to be ballsy, this is how I'd go about it.


From 0 to costumer in...

I started sewing a little bit about 4 years ago. I got a sewing machine, which I was terrified of. Then barelyproper helped me make a costume for Michael for Ren Faire and I got a little better. I didn't really start diving into it until about 4 months ago, though. I made some things here and there for Tegan, at first, then I made myself a skirt and it just sort of clicked. About a month ago I made myself a very basic bodice without boning from a pattern that barelyproper made for me. A couple weekends ago I helped queencrckt make a costume for her kiddo, then I started in earnest on my own Ren Faire costume and it's coming along gorgeously. Yes, I got some help from Janice, but I cut it out myself and every single stitch has been by my hand and sewing machine.

People are starting to ask me for tips and help with sewing and costuming and I am starting to feel like a person who sews.

The thing is, I've been dabbling in crafts my entire life. I have crocheted, knitted, done clay, you name it, I have probably dabbled at least a little bit. I was always 'sufficiently ok' at all of them, but never really satisfied with the results or the effort vs. results.

But now I know that sewing is me. Sewing is my thing.

Who knew?
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